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Andy Manson


In 1967 I built a rather crude guitar for myself to play. Crude in design and construction, and entirely practical.

In 1969 I came to realise that building guitars might be something to do with my life and was accepted onto the musical instrument technology course at the London college of furniture. I became friends with Stephen (now Simcha) Delft, one of the few practicing luthiers at that time in England, who kindly gave me personal tuition and encouragement. Since that time, and about 1200 instruments later, I continue to be mystified by the magic of the voice that lurks inside wood, willing to be liberated by vibrating strings.

I am grateful for the career I have been fortunate enough to pursue, I would choose no other. We only have to shape the wood with sharp steel implements and the trees rejoice. We come to profoundly respect the forests which provide for us. We must in turn care for them with gratitude and love.

Through my work I have made many friends... musicians, wood suppliers, purveyors of tools and equipment, luthiers and a variety of people simply interested in the craft. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with anyone willing to listen. Often times there is a welcome feedback.

I offer this website as a view into the activity and product of my workshop. If I can be of service please use the contact page. I will be happy to converse.

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